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4 Energy-Saving Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Newtown, PA

The key to a happy home this summer is with air conditioning maintenance in Newtown, PA. Having a working air conditioning in your home at this time of year is essential, but the energy bills that come along with it can be daunting. The longer you go without maintaining your air conditioning, the more likely the system will increase energy consumption and send costs on bills skyrocketing. Too many homeowners fall into a similar trap year after year by simply refusing to maintain their air conditioning, leaving them to put a huge dent in their savings just to pay for it.

But here at Central Plumbing, we will help you avoid that trap and then some. We are happy to provide you air conditioning maintenance in Newtown, PA that will keep costs on bills low and the quality of cooling at an all-time high. Better yet, we can help you extend the lifespan of your air conditioning so you won’t just be able to enjoy its benefits this summer, but for many summers ahead. Cool air shouldn’t have to come at a high cost, and we’ll make sure your cooling system is both effective and efficient in keeping you comfortable.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Newtown, PA: How Can You Help?

In addition to our services, there are several ways you can help in keeping your air conditioning energy-efficient, including:

  1. Check Your Ducts: After a long winter, your ducts may be filled with dirt, dust, and debris. Not only will this prevent you from getting the best cool air possible, but it will also decrease indoor air quality. It will also make your air conditioning burn more energy just to push cool air out of the system. Call for professional duct cleaning after a careful inspection.
  2. Rely on Window Units: Not all homes have space for a large central air conditioner, and will instead need a window or portable unit to keep them cool. Window units are nearly twice as energy-efficient as central air conditioning so even if it’s the only way to keep your home cool, it still works to save energy.
  3. Turn up AC When Nobody is Home: It would be a downright waste of energy to keep your air conditioning at the same temperature when nobody is home to enjoy it. While turning up the temperature of your air conditioning may make your home feel warmer, the heat won’t be so substantial that your air conditioning will be forced to work harder to cool your home back up.
  4. Use a Fan: A fan can prove to be great help in circulating the air in your home. Running a fan alongside your air conditioning will circulate cool air so the air conditioning doesn’t have to work so hard in producing it. Plus, using a fan without air conditioning is an efficient alternative.

Contact Central Plumbing today if you need air conditioning maintenance in Newtown, PA to help you save money and improve home cooling!

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