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3 Benefits of a Whole Home Dehumidifier in Southampton, PA

When your thermostat reads 75 degrees but the air in your home feels closer to 85, blame humidity. When you wake up in the middle of the night with clammy skin, the odds are humidity is once again the culprit. Humidity is measured by the amount of water vapor in the air, and the more saturated the air becomes, the more uncomfortable you’ll be. As a certified plumbing contractor, Central Plumbing offers a solution. Installing a whole home dehumidifier in Southampton, PA has many advantages. Here are the top three reasons your home will benefit from a whole home dehumidifier.

  • Improved Air Quality: Bacteria and viruses thrive in warm, moist conditions. Humid air will increase the reproduction and transmission of those microorganisms, meaning your family’s health is at risk. Simply put, dry air is healthy air. A whole home dehumidifier will keep your interior humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent in order to slow disease reproduction. Humid air also irritates asthma and allergies by causing symptoms like congestion and trouble breathing.
  • Energy Savings: Humid air turns a hot day into an even hotter day. In order to cope with those elevated temperatures, you’ll be forced to keep your thermostat at a lower setting. By installing a whole home dehumidifier in Southampton, PA, however, you essentially eliminate the moisture that is making the air in your home feel like hot soup, and the temperature will feel drastically cooler. By not having to work your air conditioner as hard, you save energy and also money. That much needed break for your air conditioner may even extend its lifespan.
  • A Comfortable Home: Humid air prevents sweat from evaporating off your skin, and this inhibition of the body’s natural cooling system will leave you sweaty and uncomfortable. You want your home to be a pleasant escape from uncomfortable outdoor temperatures, but when the humidity levels are high, your interior will feel just as uncomfortable as the air outside. Installing a whole home dehumidifier is an easy and affordable way to feel more comfortable when you’re relaxing in your home.

Central Plumbing offers superior heating, cooling, and plumbing services, and their flexible appointment scheduling means you receive the service you need when it’s convenient for you. If you’re ready to escape the humidity in your home, call them today to take the first step in installing a whole home dehumidifier in Southampton, PA.

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