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Water Heater Replacement in Southampton, PA

Have you heard about the new water heater regulations? The DOE (Department of Energy) has passed legislation that renders your current water heater obselete. After the April 15th deadline, manufacturers will no longer produce your model, and plumbers will no longer be able to provide direct replacements. Instead, if you need water heater replacement, you’ll have to upgrade to the newer, higher efficiency models.

What Does This Mean for Southampton Homeowners?

The new water heater regulations require that water heaters have more insulation to resist losing heat energy to the surrounding air. This makes them about 2 inches larger and up to 35% more expensive. The problem with these new water heater models is that they may not fit your home…or your budget! If your current water heater fails and you are forced to upgrade to a new unit, you may encounter:

  • Gas Line Problems- If your current gas line is not large enough to fit the newer water heater models, you may have to have it professionally redesigned. The Central Plumbing professionals can do it for you, but the procedure takes time.
  • Resizing Issues– Will your utility room, attic access, or water heater closet be large enough to fit a new unit? If not, you’ll have to resize the areas — you may even be required to knock out a wall.
  • No Hot Water– During the process of upgrading your water heater, you won’t be able to use hot water for your shower, your cooking, or your cleaning. We never realize how much we need our hot water heater until we no longer have it!
  • More Costly Installation– All of these prices add up! You could be looking at a much larger bill for water heater replacement after April 15th than you would if you had your water heater replaced earlier.

So why no try to avoid the headache? If you have an older water heater or a unit that is on its last legs, don’t wait for it to fail on you — call Central Plumbing for a water heater replacement today!

The 5 Signs of Water Heater Disrepair

If your water heater demonstrates any of the following, you’ll want to consider water heater replacement before the April deadline. If you wait, you might wind up being forced to upgrade, which could be an expensive, messy, and inconvenient hassle! Avoid the headache — call the experts at Central Plumbing for a water heater replacement today.

Look for:

  • Higher Energy Bills
  • Bad Odors
  • Leaking Tank
  • Visible Rust/Corrosion
  • Poor Water Heating Performance
  • Age: 10 Years+

Call the Southampton plumbing experts for water heater replacement today!

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