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Choosing a Licensed Plumber in Southampton, PA

You don’t want just anyone to handle the comfort of your home. When choosing a plumber to perform service for your home, make sure that it’s someone who you can trust!

Here at Central Plumbing, we’ve been performing service in Bucks County for over a decade, and in that time we’ve become the most trusted plumbing contractor in our area. That’s because we offer 24/7 call assistance and emergency service whenever you need repair! With over 75 years of combined experience, our team of licensed and certified plumbers has everything you need to answer all of your drain cleaning, plumbing repair, and pipe service needs.

But not all plumbers are the same! Some plumbing contractors in the Bucks County area, especially ones working for “big-box” or franchise companies, will hire plumbers who aren’t properly qualified or back-ground checked to perform the job. The result is sloppy craftsmanship and improper installations that need to be revisited and fixed. Plus, you don’t want someone who hasn’t been properly screened coming to your home anyway! Improper licensing and code compliance policies are a bad situation all around.

Central Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning wants to make sure your service is safe.

The key to finding high quality home service professionals is asking the right questions. Before you allow anyone to work on your home, ask them the following and settle for nothing less than these answers:

Q: What accreditations do you have as a service company?

A: Here at Central, we’re proud of our reputation. We’ll gladly tell you that we’re an authorized Nexstar service provider, which means we benefit from Nexstar training and information on account of our long-standing dedication to professionalism in our service.

Nexstar is a leading national organization comprised of independent service businesses, and our membership allows us to further hone in on delivering exceptional service.

Is the contractor you’re working with Nexstar certified? Go ahead and ask!

Q: Are you licensed and certified for residential service in Massachusetts?

A: Each state has different licensing  requirements and code compliance regulations. In order to ensure that your plumber is familiar with all of the legislation and required safety measures, ask if your professional has state licensing to perform the service they’ve been called to do. At Central, we guarantee our of our professionals are licensed, uniformed, and respectful.

Q: How up to date is the company with recent technology changes?

A: The service industry is growing fast, and the result is a great deal of innovations in the fields of plumbing, heating, and cooling that make life a great deal simpler for homeowners and professionals alike. Here at Central, we hold our team to the highest possible standards of training and continuing education, which is why we’re able to keep up with new technologies and solutions.

So make the right choice: call Central Plumbing for your drain cleaning and repair service today!

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