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Toilet Repair in Bucks County

When your toilet breaks down, you want a solution fast. That’s why you rely on Central Plumbing for the fix!  Homeowners all across Bucks County rely on Central Plumbing for their emergency plumbing assistance, and they have for many years. The Central Plumbing professionals are always prompt, always energetic, always prepared, and always respectful of your home.

But why does that toilet break down in the first place?

A toilet could become clogged for many different reasons: too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, absorbant paper towels — we’ve seen everything from hairbrush’s to children’s toys wind up down there! Accidents happen, but it doesn’t mean a clogged toilet isn’t still an awful nuisance. Clogs can also happen for reasons outside of your control, such as when tree roots build up in your sewer lines and create blockages, or when sediment and rust from old pipes builds up on the inner walls.

How can you repair your toilet on your own?

Toilet Repair Step by Step

  1. The first step in a successful drain clog removal is to use a plumber’s snake. The snake helps to drain any standing water and gives the technician proper access to the drain.
  2. Then, its time for the drain’s close-up. A video camera is inserted to see the severity and exact location of the clog. It also lets us know exactly what we’re working with so we can get the job done right the first time.
  3. The last step is to blast hydro jets obliterating the clog. Hydro jetting involves sending high-pressure water quickly into your drain to remove almost any item that’s stopping up your drain. The jets break up obstructions into small pieces that can easily wash through the sewer. This process also completely cleans your pipes, leaving them in like-new conditions. Even if it’s tree roots that have infested your line, hydro blasting tears through the fibrous material, opening up a clear path.

If your toilet repair needs to be done by a professional, call the trusted experts who always do the job right. Call Central Plumbing today!

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