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Tankless Water Heaters FAQ in Bucks County

We went to our experts with some of our customers’ most common questions about water heaters. Call Central Plumbing today to see if tankless water heating is right for your home!


What’s wrong with having a conventional, tank-based water heater?

Honestly, nothing. Its true, tankless models provide constant hot water on demand and take up less space, but traditional, tank models are highly dependable and still installed to this day. It all comes down to your usage. Are you constantly using hot water for a large family? Then yes, a tankless model would work best. But if you want to save costs and have no complaints with the tank water heater you presently have (but need a replacement), a tank-based heater is a great choice.


I need a water heater for one area of my house. Is there a model for that?

Definitely. We have several models of tankless water heaters. Some smaller units are actually fitted directly in the same room where your fixtures are, typically under the sink or in a cabinet. The water is heated only when you turn on the hot water. This saves energy, as the water isn’t stored in a large tank taking up valuable space.


What is the cost savings of a tankless model versus that of a traditional one?

Besides the added space and on demand hot water, most tankless units come with a federal tax rebate of $300 and are more efficient than storage tank models, cutting almost twenty percent from your water heating bill. Tankless heaters also last five to ten years longer than storage tank models. The only area where conventional heaters have an advantage over tankless is the cost upfront. Tankless water heaters generally are more to purchase up front but the savings over time makes up the difference.


Tankless water heaters sound amazing. What are the drawbacks?

They really are a great investment that you’ll notice day one. But like everything, there are some drawbacks. Natural gas whole-house units can cost up to three times as much as conventional heaters. Although you will have an unlimited supply of hot water there are limits to the volume when multiple fixtures are used at once. Some houses require a larger natural gas fuel line adding to the price along with adding vents. An electrical model might require an additional power circuit.


With both a large stock of conventional water heaters and tankless units, DS Plumbing has got you covered. Our professional staff is more than happy to go over the options for you to choose from. Our installation is done correctly the first time and done quickly. For dependable service today, call DS Plumbing.

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