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Tankless Water Heaters- Bucks County

The Weaknesses of Conventional Water Heating Systems

Here in Pennsylvania, we’ve got a lot of people living in old houses.  It’s a source of pride for the East Coast: we like the fact that our houses are a part of history and have so many stories of their own.  But old homes have their setbacks, as many of our customers in Bucks and Montgomery County already know.

The conventional water heating systems that most of these homes already have are riddled with issues.  We rely on our water heaters for showers, cooking, cleaning, and so much more, but all too often the tank-type storage heaters aren’t optimized for your convenience or your budget.  That’s why so many homeowners are making the switch to tankless: the more advanced and energy efficient model is attractive for how it excels where conventional fails.

Now that more people are in the know about water heaters, you can expect more switches to be happening soon.  Your neighbors might even be next to upgrade to tankless!  But you might not even be aware of the failures of your conventional water heating system if you’ve never experienced any other kind, so we’ve compiled a list of what we’ve found to be the foremost complaints:

  • Limited Water Supply– Have you ever had to take a shower because the hot water ran out?  Has this been happening to you almost every night?  Cold showers happen because conventional water heaters store about 40 to 80 gallons of water in a clunky tank, and when that heated water is used up, the tank needs to be refilled.  With tankless, you get an on-demand, endless stream.
  • Energy Inefficient– The typical conventional water heaters are only effective at heating your water with 60 to 65% of your energy expenditure; tankless water heaters do closer to 98%!  Additionally, your conventional water heater is heating the stored water 24/7, so even when you aren’t using them, you are paying for the wasted heat.
  • Short Lifespan- Because conventional models are less durable, they generally need to be replaced between 6 and 10 years.  A tankless will last 20 years if properly maintained and will be under warranty for at least 15, so you could own 3 tank-type heaters in the life-time of your single tankless replacement.


So call the experts at Central Plumbing today to see if your water heating situation can be improved.  We’ll do a comprehensive check of your current setup and see if a tankless upgrade is right for you.

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