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3 Signs You Need Gas Line Repair in Southampton, PA

A leak in the gas line that leads to your home is a serious matter and should be repaired immediately. How do you know if you need gas line repair in Southampton, PA? There are several warning signs that could be indicative of a gas line leak. Here are three ways you can tell if you might have a gas line leak:

  1. Your Nose and Ears: Natural gas has no color. It also has no smell. Because of this, Sulphur (with a smell similar to rotten eggs) is added to the gas line in your home as a safety precaution. If you ever smell it, or if the smell makes you nauseous, sit up and pay attention. The smell of Sulphur is a clear indicator that gas is leaking somewhere. Trust your ears as well. If you hear an unexplained hissing sound near your stove or gas line, this could also indicate a gas leak.
  2. Your Appliances and Machines: The water heater, stove and dryer in your home all rely on your home’s gas line. If your appliances start making odd noises or stop working, don’t automatically assume the problem is with the machine, itself. Check to see if a gas leak could be the cause of a faulty appliance. If your gas meter registers use even when your appliances are turned off or unplugged, the problem is likely in the gas line.
  3. Your Bills and Meters: A sudden, inexplicable surge in gas bills is more than an annoyance – it’s a sign that gas is leaking in your home. If your gas meter is suddenly measuring more gas and your usage hasn’t increased, you’ll want to investigate sooner rather than later. Waiting can mean more than a big utility bill. It can mean a larger repair bill down the line.

Aging pipes and poor gardens are other leak indicators as well. Call the professional plumbers at Central Plumbing at the very first sign of a leak. Gas line repair in Southhampton, PA is NOT a DIY project! Our team will have your home leak free and safe in no time at all.

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