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5 Benefits of Ductless Heating in New Hope

Ductless heating in New Hope is just what you need when you’re looking for high-quality comfort and warmth in your home this winter. After all, when you’re shaking and shivering from the low outdoor temperatures, you’re probably looking for any source of heating possible to keep you warm. Furnaces and heat pumps work great but with ductless heating, you can receive heating that keeps you warm while improving your cost-efficiency if you make the transition to ductless. Plus, when it comes to heating, you need a system that can keep the whole family happy.

Central Plumbing is here to provide you with ductless heating in New Hope! Our team of highly-motivated heating experts can help you determine how a ductless system can fit into your home, and perform super quick installation so you’re not waiting another moment! We want to see our customers with improved heating to shield them from the season’s harsher temperatures, and we think ductless systems will do the trick!

What Can Ductless Heating in New Hope Do For You?

Ductless heating can skip some of the troubles that come along with other heating systems. If you want to know ductless heating can exactly do for you, take a look at the 5 following benefits:

  1. Quick, Easy Installation: Ducted systems may take up to several weeks to fully install and when it’s freezing outside, you can’t wait a moment longer. Fortunately, ductless systems can be installed within the same day, meaning you’ll get improved heating at a faster time!
  2. Improved Indoor Air Quality: The winter season is known for dry air that can make it difficult to breathe for any asthma or allergy sufferers. HVAC systems have air ducts that can be blocked by dirt, debris, and dust. Ductless heating systems have a multi-filtration system that can prevent any filth from preventing you a steady flow of warm, breathable air.
  3. Reduction of Carbon Footprint: Ductless heating systems have ENERGY STAR guidelines, which means they are far more energy efficient than systems that meet the minimum standards of the U.S. federal government. They’re guaranteed to provide heating that’s both effective and environmentally friendly.
  4. Great Money-Saving: Tired of having high costs of monthly bills on your mind? Fortunately, ductless heating will see you able to save long-term money on heating bills, mainly due to their ability to separate your home into zones that will only heat up rooms that are in use.
  5. Picture Frame Installation: The landscape paintings and family photos in your home may look nice, but did you know they could also serve as great source of ductless heating. Central Plumbing can provide you with a picture frame mini split system that serves as both a source of heating and nice display for a photo. For the first time, high photo quality mixes with high-quality heating!

Contact Central Plumbing today if you want to experience the full benefits of ductless heating in New Hope, and we’ll gladly install one in your home!

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