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Ask Our Langhorne Heating Service: How Can You Stay Safe This Winter?

With temperatures dipping below freezing, it’s understandable you want to rely on your heating as much as possible. However, great comfort comes at a price, and you need to realize that having a dependable heating system isn’t everything. You also need to make sure you have heating that keeps you safe. It’s a widely known fact that residential fires due to heating problems occur most frequently during this of year, so it’s important to make sure your heating system is both effective and has the safety of your family in mind!

Central Plumbing is here to provide you Langhorne heating service that puts safety first before anything. No matter if it is installation, repair, or even a simple maintenance, we want customers across the Langhorne area to have the most comfortable heating possible, and part of that is making sure the risk of things like the emission of harmful gasses and fires are kept at a low. And the best part? We’re available at any point of the season to help!

Our Wintertime Heating Safety Tips

The safety and well-being of our customers is the top priority, so here are a few helpful safety tips:

  • Seek Professional Installation: When it comes to installation, never settle for anyone less than a licensed, experienced professional to handle heating system installation. There are handymen out there who can do the job, but there is a higher risk of paying more money for lesser quality work. Poor heating systems installation can also result you paying more money on future repair.
  • Keep Chimneys Clean: While chimneys are effective releasing hot flue gas from furnaces and fireplaces, a lack of cleanliness can lead to higher amounts of creosote becoming blocked in chimney and increase the risk of a fire. Have your chimney swept and inspected every year by a professional at least once a year.
  • Remove Snow Buildup from Vents: It may sound weird, but snow buildup can actually cause a buildup of carbon monoxide. A larger buildup of snow can actually block exhaust vents and natural gas meters, leading to a higher risk of carbon monoxide permeating through your home. If you see snow blocking your vents, take a shovel and get rid of it.
  • Keep Fireplace Screened: A relaxing winter’s night by the fireplace sounds great, but make sure your fireplace has a sturdy screen on it to prevent any sparks from flying into your room. The last thing you want are sparks catching onto something flammable and causing a fire. Ashes should be cooled before storing them in a metal container.

If you want to learn more on how to stay safe this winter, please call Central Plumbing today and get more advice from our Langhorne heating service!

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