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What Can Clog Your Bathroom Sink Drain in Southampton, PA?

Your bathroom sink drain in Southampton, PA is used multiple times a day for a wide range of purposes including brushing your teeth and washing your hands. Of course, when it’s coming into contact with all sorts of substances on a daily basis, a clog is bound to occur eventually. A clogged sink can grow into a huge inconvenience, especially if you don’t call for plumbing service as soon as possible to get it fixed. When you consider how you’re relying on your bathroom sink drain on a daily basis, it can really disrupt how you function in your home.

At Central, we believe the key to stopping problems with your bathroom sink drain in Southampton, PA quickly is knowing exactly what caused the problem in the first place. Our team of plumbers are incredible at identifying what went wrong with your drains and determining the best course of action to remedy the problem. But you have to make sure to call us for emergency plumbing service right away. The clogs will grow worse by the second!

How Does Your Bathroom Sink Drain in Southampton, PA Clog?

We think it’s important our customers know what can stop their bathroom sink drain from working so they’ll take steps in avoiding clogs in the future. While there are many things that can clog your sink drain, the most common causers tend to be:

  • Hair: The bathroom sink is often the sight for shaving, which means hair will find itself down the drain often and prove a usual suspect in sink clogs. Hair will stick to the walls of your drains and make passage through them impossible.
  • Dental Floss: You brush your teeth above your bathroom sink every day and night, and perhaps you do a little flossing as well. However, more often than not, that dental floss can find its way down your drains and create a major clog. Discard dental floss in the regular garbage and if recent reports are to believe, you don’t have to use floss anyway.
  • Soap: Liquid hand soap won’t prove much of a clog causer, but bars of soap are another story. The thicker consistency of barred soap leaves it more susceptible to clog the drain, especially if you’re experiencing hard water and the soap is entering the drain in chunks.
  • Toilet Paper: There’s only one place for toilet paper and that’s, well, the toilet. The same won’t hold true for any toilet paper that will go down your sink drain. This is especially true if the toilet paper finds itself going down the drain in thicker clumps.

Contact Central if you need high-quality plumbing service that will keep your bathroom sink drain in Southampton, PA in working condition!

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