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4 Ways to Avoid Scam HVAC Companies in Southampton, PA

We don’t want to paint the world as one full of dishonesty, but it’s important to note that there are a few HVAC companies in Southampton, PA who may not have your best interests in mind. You’ll run into a service company who will promise you the world, maybe even the universe, and they’ll wind up providing you low-quality service. It’s all just a front to make the most money off you as possible, leaving you with a faulty HVAC system that won’t work to the best of its abilities.

Fortunately, Central is one of those HVAC companies in Southampton, PA you can trust and we want you to avoid the fakes and phonies as much as possible. It pains us to see customers lose their money on dishonest service, which is why our team of HVAC experts will guide you down the right path. Plus, if you’re looking for reliable HVAC installation and repair, take comfort in knowing we can provide service you can trust at any time.

How Can You Avoid Scam HVAC Companies in Southampton, PA?

The next time you think you’ve got a scam service on your hands, you may want to consider the following:

  1. Make Sure Replaced Parts are New: Some scam service companies will try to get away with replacing your HVAC parts with used ones, which won’t better your HVAC system at all. You need to be absolutely certain that parts are brand new. After all, you’re paying for quality, and you need to make sure you’re getting the best. Also be alert if the company tries to sell you on replacement that you don’t even think is necessary.
  2. Be Careful of Free Estimates: Sure, in a perfect world, HVAC service would always be for free, right? But any service that promises free estimates needs to be put under careful consideration. Some companies will use this as a way for you to buy into their lower quality service and may not even inspect your property before giving an estimate.
  3. Ask for Written Estimates: When in doubt, get it all in writing. Having estimates in writing before any HVAC work will give you a better sense of what you’re paying for service so there are no curveballs once the time for payment arrives. If you see anything in the estimate that doesn’t sit too well with you, consider a second opinion.
  4. Ensures Measurements Are Done: If the HVAC company does not inspect your property at all, it’s a huge red flag. This leaves the door open for them installing an improperly sized HVAC system in your home, which will later result in poor efficiency and frequent breakdowns. Any licensed, fully-trained technician will know to inspect and measure your home to determine the right size of system for your home.

Contact Central today if you want to learn more on how to determine which HVAC companies in Southampton, PA will provide you service you can trust!

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