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Call for Repipe Service in Newtown, PA When You Notice These Signs!

Do you think your pipes have seen better days? Perhaps you’ll shrug it off and continue on with your day, but those pipe problems may come back to haunt you. In fact, if you don’t call for repipe service in Newtown, PA soon enough, it can only lead to plenty of headaches down the road. Want to wash dishes in your kitchen sink? Forget it. Your pipes will either be too clogged or damaged to provide any help whatsoever.

When you need repipe service in Newtown, PA, please call Central Plumbing today. You should send a phone call our way at the first sign of a problem and you can guarantee our plumbers will be there for you as soon as possible. We even offer a next-day installation guarantee when you call us for service. The key to calling us quickly is identifying the signs of a problem, but how? Well, that’s where our team of fully-trained and licensed plumbers come in to help. We’ll have you spotting drainage pipe problems like a pro.

When Should You Consider Repipe Service in Newtown, PA?

Once you notice any of these signs, feel free to call up Central Plumbing to provide repair or replacement service before it’s too late:

  • Slowly draining fixtures. Again, if you notice your sink is taking a longer time to drain water, it may something to do with the pipes themselves. And it’s not just your sink either. Toilet and shower drains may also slow down.
  • Low water pressure. When pipes begin to weaken, they can’t handle water beyond a low level of pressure, resulting in you receiving water coming out of your faucet and shower head that can’t help you wash or clean effectively.
  • Rusty water. Pipe corrosion is simply a part of the aging process, but it is means for concern when the rust begins to impact water quality. Consuming water with high amounts of rust can be hazardous to your health and needs to be treated immediately.
  • Old piping material. Many homes are still equipped with cast iron or clay pipes which are now outdated and can easily break apart. You need modern, durable piping material that will withstand leaks, cracks, high water pressure, and more.

Contact Central Plumbing today to ensure better plumbing by having our plumbers provide repipe service in Newtown, PA!

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