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3 Quick Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Southampton, PA

It’s summertime, which means you’re constantly running your window air conditioner to keep your family comfortable through the suffocating heat and humidity. You might not be entirely clear on how to keep it running at peak capacity, however; simply letting it run without ever cleaning or inspecting it is a surefire way to see its efficiency reduced (or worse, have it stop working entirely). With comfort firmly in mind, here are a few quick tips on air conditioning maintenance in Southampton, PA so you can keep your home cool and dry throughout the summer months.

Clean the air filter at least once every month.

If it helps you remember, mark an air filter cleaning for your air conditioning units on your calendar, or set a reminder on your phone. This simple maintenance is one of the best things you can do to keep your AC in good condition — just pop off the front panel, remove the filter, and clean it with a mix of dish soap and warm water. If anyone in your household has allergies, consider cleaning it more often to minimize the allergens getting through to them.

Clean the condenser coils.

Dust, dirt and other residue will eventually build up in the condenser coils of your unit, reducing its efficiency and increasing your energy consumption (which will, of course, show up on your monthly utility bill). You should clean the coils out at the beginning of every summer; remove the cabinet, then clean them out by blowing compressed air or using a brush and a bottle of cleaner.

Empty and clean the water pan.

Keep mold and its accompanying “musty” smell out of your home by regularly emptying the water pan, then cleaning it with white vinegar or dish detergent. This is particularly important if you have family members with allergies, asthma or otherwise sensitive lungs.

Make sure your family is cool and dry through the summer this year by performing simple, regular air conditioning maintenance in Southampton, PA. And in the case of more serious problems that arise with your unit, be sure to call Central Plumbing for the best service you can get. Their technicians will help you with any problems you might have with your window air conditioner.

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