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3 Signs You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink in Southampton, PA

Few household problems are more irritating than a clog. You’re trying to wash dishes or your hands, and all of a sudden, the water flow isn’t good enough to clear things out. Now you’ve got to find a solution until you’re able to call for maintenance or repairs. This is something just about everyone’s experienced — and sometimes, it’s tempting to just ignore the problem in hopes that it will go away. Don’t put yourself at risk for bigger problems; if you spot one of these 3 signs you have a clogged kitchen sink in Southampton, PA, call a plumber as soon as you can:

  1. Slow or stopped drainage: The most obvious side-effect of a clog is that the drainage is significantly reduced. If water’s taken a long time to leave your kitchen sink, or it’s pooling in the basin, it’s time to get that clog removed. You can try to do it yourself, but if your DIY solutions aren’t working, be sure to call a professional.
  1. Disgusting odors: If you’re noticing nasty smells coming from your kitchen sink, it’s likely as a result of residue built up in the pipes. The bad smell can linger and take away from your indoor atmosphere. You can try to flush it out with some drain cleaner, but if the odors remain, it’s time to hire a professional to get in deeper and remove the source of the problem.
  1. Unusual sounds during draining: If your kitchen sink makes strange noises while the water is going down, that’s a surefire sign that not all is well in the pipes. It may indicate your pipes are on the verge of clogging. It’s probably best not to investigate the cause of this yourself, so phone an expert and have them check it out.

You need the sink in your kitchen for all sorts of purposes, so don’t delay when you start to notice signs it could be clogged. Call up Central Plumbing for the best service you can get and let their friendly technicians fix all the problems with your clogged kitchen sink in Southampton, PA!

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