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When Is It Time for Boiler Replacement in New Hope?

With the winter almost upon us, it’s time to evaluate whether you need boiler replacement in New Hope. After all, there’s only one thing worse than ridiculously high energy bills, and that’s being stuck without heat in the middle of the winter!

Though many homeowners try to hold onto their old boilers for as long as possible, this isn’t the most cost-effective strategy. According to the Department of Energy, older boilers have efficiencies ranging from 56% to 70%. That means that of all of the heat generated by the appliance, between 56% and 70% actually goes into heating the home. The remaining 44% to 30% escapes!

Yet you’re still paying for that escaped energy!

Modern boilers have efficiencies as high as 98%, which means that only 2% of the energy escapes. That means your energy bills will be much lower. Plus, it’s important to understand that investing in a new boiler will add considerably to the value of your home. And that in turn can make it more attractive to buyers in the event you’re thinking of selling in the future.

You Need Boiler Replacement in New Hope If… 

  • Your boiler is older than 15 years.
  • Your energy bills are getting higher.
  • You’re paying for a lot of repairs each year.
  • Your home isn’t heated consistently.
  • If the boiler is making strange noises.
  • If the appliance keeps switching off.
  • If the boiler is leaking.

Call Central Plumbing Now!

If you’re still not sure whether you need boiler replacement, or if you know you need a new boiler but you aren’t sure which make and model to purchase, call the team of expert plumbers at Central Plumbing. We’ll send over one of our highly experienced professionals to assess the condition of your current appliance and discuss your home’s heating needs with you. Obviously, if your appliance just needs a simple tune-up or repair, we’ll tell you right away. If, however, it’s time to replace your boiler, we’ll work with you to determine the most cost-effective option for your situation.

Don’t wait until it’s cold: call Central Plumbing for your free estimate today!

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