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Well Pumps

How does your home’s tap water work?  If your indoor plumbing system is “well-fed,” that means it is attached to a nearby private well that supplies your water from underground.  Well-fed plumbing systems rely on well pumps to extract the water and direct it to the home — but how do you know if your well pump is working properly?  When your well pump fails, you might start to see low water pressure in your tap and shower.  It is absolutely critical that you select the correct well pump to be installed for your home, which means knowing the difference the different types:

  • Centrifugal- has one pipe that goes down the well into the water column, is best for water table wells (shallow)
  • Jet- lifts water via a suction pipe, has separate designs for shallow and deep.
  • Submersible- the most popular model, can be used for both shallow and deep well applications.

To make sure you get the well pump that is right for you, you need to call in a professional.  Central Plumbing will send a specialist who can determine which model suits your situation best so that you won’t ever need to water about losing pressure again.

Well Pump Benefits

Getting your water from a well generally means you avoid the contaminants and hardness of city water.  Beyond that, you’ll save utility costs and find the perfect pressure for your home.  Locally sourced well water can solve a number of water quality problems, so call now to ask one of our experts for more information. To learn more or to have us perform a free estimate, call Central today!

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