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Tankless Water Heating in Bristol, PA

The DOE (Department of Energy) has recently passed a list of new regulations for the energy efficiency of water heaters. As of April 15th of this year, water heater manufacturers will no longer be making or distributing older water heater models — the newer models will be larger, more insulated, and about 35% more expensive.

What Does That Mean for Bristol Homeowners?

Better efficiency is a good thing! The newer water heater models will waste less energy every month, which means all of the following benefits:

  1. Money Savings
  2. Reduced Carbon Footprint
  3. Better/More Reliable Warm Water

However, at the same time that higher efficiency standards are a good thing for water heater upgrades, they can also pose a serious hassle to homeowners with older water heater models.

If your water heater is past it’s warranty (generally about 6 years) or is nearing the end of its lifespan (10 to 15 years), you will want to consider water heater replacement now rather than after the April deadline. Why? Because if your water heater fails in the upcoming spring or summer, you may find it difficult to get a direct replacement. Since the new models will be larger and more expensive, they may not fit your utility room or your budget! You’ll need to make some adjustments, and in the meantime you’ll be living without hot water. No warm showers, no hot water for cooking or washing dishes…life without a water heater can be a serious pain! If you get the water heater replacement from Central Plumbing now instead of later, you won’t be forced to upgrade, and there will be no downtime.

But there is, however, one other alternative: tankless water heaters.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Rather than doing a direct replacement of your device, now may be the right time to upgrade to tankless water heating. These devices are more efficient than conventional water heaters because they don’t have to store water at a constant temperature, which means they already qualify for the new regulations, and they can provide you with endless hot water from any point of access or whole home machine! Imagine never experiencing a cold shower again!

So call for a consultation on a new water heater replacement today. Save money and live smarter by replacing your water heater with Central Plumbing sooner rather than later!


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