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Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps are an essential piece of equipment for any household, as it keeps basements and crawl spaces from overflowing with water. Since it’s estimated that roughly 95% of all basements will experience some type of water flooding at one point or another, having a sump pump installed is a smart decision.

Causes of Basement Flooding

One of the main causes of flooding is due to the fact that water is not being carried far enough away from a home. When flooding occurs, rain water saturates the ground surrounding the household and then slips into cracks of the foundation, walls, drain tiles, and floors.

Water can easily flow into your basement, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple of a process to get the water out if you do not have a sump pump. Sump pumps serve as the last line of defense against flooding. They are specifically designed to get rid of the water collected in the sump pump before it reaches your basement or crawl space. When the water reaches a certain level, it’s then pumped outside.

Sump Pump Benefits

If you are living in a home that is located on the top of a hill or in an area that is not known for flooding, you might be thinking that having a sump pump installed is not necessary for you. However, it is important to understand that no one can predict the weather. With that said, it is impossible to tell if you will at some point or another be faced with a flooded basement. Thus, having a sump pump installed can be an important precautionary decision that you make.

Additionally, sump pumps will:

  • Increase property value: No new homeowner wants to deal with flooding, so having one installed in your basement will show potential buyers that their home will be protected from it in the event of a major storm in the future.
  • Ensures the structural integrity of the foundation: With flooding comes water damage. If too much water damage occurs to your home, then the entire structure of your foundation could be at risk.
  • Prevent dampness and humidity: By having a sump pump installed, you will find yourself with a warmer, drier basement.
  • Prevent the growth of mold, fungus and mildew: Because your sump pump will keep the levels of moisture down in your home, you can expect a cleaner and healthier household.
  • Impede damage to wall coverings, furniture and peeling paint
  • Hinder rust and corrosion of metal appliances, furnishings and structures

If you are looking to have a sump pump installed into your home, or even are looking to have your sump pump repaired or replaced, call Central Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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