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Sink Repair Services

Over time, like the plumbing itself, plumbing fixtures can lose their original shine.  Sink faucets, especially, can start to experience the following problems:

  • Drain Clogs
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Rust and Disrepair
  • Poor Quality Tap Water
  • Leaks

If you sink or faucet, indoor or outdoor, is becoming problematic in its old age, don’t just ignore the problem: call Feehan Plumbing today to have one of our experts solve the problem for you.

Sink Failure Causes

A sink has two main working components: the faucet and the drain.  The rest, after all, is just a basin.  Still, plenty of problems can happen between those two items, including:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Water hardness
  • Age
  • Rust deposits inside fixture
  • Improperly connected seams

Sink Repair Solutions

When it comes to fixing a sink, the main courses of action are to:

  • Inspect Pipes for Issues
  • Tighten/Replace Seams
  • Clear Drains
  • Install Necessary New Parts

Whether your sink is in your kitchen or your bathroom, on your deck or in your basement, the Feehan professionals can make it work and look like news.

Sink Repair Benefits

Have a beautiful fixture and a functional living space!  Don’t ignore your run down sink or other faucet, have the professionals fix it for you today.

Call Feehan Plumbing now for all of you sink repair needs!

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