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A leaky pipe would require a pipe repair service

6 Signs You Need A Pipe Repair Service This Fall

Pipe repair is, without a doubt, the most important plumbing service to consider this fall if you want to save money on plumbing bills. Pipe leaks are deceiving; one may not appear concerning at first, but it can grow into a huge problem that will leave your plumbing system in a state of disarray. When you are already using 100 to 250 gallons of water, a pipe leak can waste up to 14% of that amount, leaving you to pay more on energy bills. Worse, with pipes constantly breaking down, it can take away from the performance of your home’s most essential plumbing fixtures, including showers and toilets. It may even force these fixtures to work even harder to provide for you, allowing those energy costs to skyrocket and even shorten the lifespan of the fixture itself. If you want to avoid all the hassle, you need to know when to call for pipe repair service, for the sake of home convenience and your enjoyment of the fall season. If you want to avoid all of these scares, you need to know what signs you should identify the next time you suspect there is a problem with your pipes. Even if your pipes are mainly located in areas where you cannot see them, it’s still possible to notice quite a few signs around the house.

How Can Central Help You?

If pipes are giving you a hard time, Central should be your first choice for repair. We have a team of dedicated plumbers ready to provide high-quality service. After all, we don’t think your fall and winter should be brought down by pipe problems. If it means securing your enjoyment of the season, we are more than willing to provide you with service. If we find your pipes are beyond repair, we also offer repiping service that will see us replace the old with the new in short order, giving you modern, durable piping made from quality material. Once you receive our help, you can expect your plumbing system to be working better than ever before. You will save long-term money on bills, extend the lifespan of your fixtures by years, and enjoy life in your home without worrying when the next pipe leak will occur. You deserve relaxation this season, so allow us to guarantee it with amazing plumbing service.

When Should You Call for Our Services?

If you want to know how to spot a pipe problem before it is too late, please take note of these 6 warning signs and call for service immediately:

  1. Low Water Pressure: Noticing the water pressure is not nearly as strong as it should be? Then it’s a sign you definitely have low water pressure somewhere, thanks to pipe failure.  You may feel the brunt of this when you don’t have enough water pressure to wash dishes or take a shower. Have a plumber at Central inspect your plumbing system to determine what’s causing the dip in pressure and to make any necessary fixes.
  2. Corroded Pipes: Though most piping is located underground or between walls, you can inspect pipes visible outside of the house or in the basement for corrosion. If the corrosion appears significant, you may want to consider replacing your pipes entirely before your current piping completely falls apart. If any of these pipes appear to be rusty, it also spells trouble for your less visible indoor pipes as well.
  3. Murky Water: If you first notice tap water coming out murky, don’t panic. It may just go away within a matter of seconds. However, you should definitely feel concerned if it doesn’t. It is a major sign that there might be a serious problem with your piping. Call a plumber right away, especially if the murkiness means your water is contaminated.
  4. Unexplained Wet Spots on Walls and Floors: If you are noticing random water stains on their walls or floors, you might have old and leaky pipes. These wet spots will only worsen if you allow them to go untreated, resulting in higher costs of water damage restoration services. There is also the potential for mold growth which can jeopardize the air quality in your home and put the well-being of your family in danger.
  5. Strange Noises: Please pay attention to really pronounced and unsettling noises from your pipes, as it may indicate that pipes are too old to handle water or there is a blockage from within. Though pipes may make slight noises every now and then, you should definitely be concerned if these noises are disruptive in any way. 
  6. Outdated Pipes: You should replace your piping if you notice it is made out of the following outdated materials: clay, cast-iron, and polybutylene. The third material in particular is famously unreliable, and resulted in several lawsuits during the 1980s. Older homes, particularly ones built before 1960, are more likely to have older, less reliable piping. If this applies to your home, call for service now before the situation grows much worse.

Stop Small Problems From Getting Worse By Scheduling A Pipe Repair Service Today

Contact Central today if you want to improve your plumbing system this fall with our highly effective pipe repair!

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