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New Hope Plumber Explains: How to Avoid Drain Disaster

A New Hope plumber can fix your drains so they’re free of filth and face less of a chance of clogging. However, as a homeowner, it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to keep them squeaky clean.  There’s no telling what can happen with your drains when you leave them unattended for too long.  It can cost you money and time otherwise spent on getting the most out of your home plumbing fixtures.

Central Plumbing is here to provide a New Hope plumbers who can tell you what you can do to avoid drain disaster. After all, we have an invested interest in the safety and well-being of our customers, which is why our New Hope plumbers are always ready to help. Believe it or not, it may be easier than you think, so take note!

What Does a New Hope Plumber Recommend?

Don’t allow drains to ruin your fun in New Hope. Take a look at these tips to restore faith in home plumbing:

  • Throw it Away: Don’t flush several common household items down the drain. When using your toilet, the only things that should be flushed are human waste and toilet paper. Even if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, putting certain food items down the drain can lead to a clog.
  • Be Careful of Tree Roots: Tree roots seek out water sources underground and even the smallest hole in your drain system can allow the roots to come into the pipes. If you are considering planting trees in your yard or have existing trees, a video drain inspection can determine if your pipes and drains have any holes or cracks that may allow the roots to grow into the system.
  • Consider a Back-Flow Valve: One way to prevent main drain backups into your home is by having a backflow valve installed. This valve allows waste water to only flow out of your home and will not allow wastewater back into your pipe system if something goes wrong. During the rainy season of the year, main drain clogs are common, which can make your system overwhelmed by excess water, which a backflow valve can successfully prevent.
  • Avoid Drain Chemicals: Drain cleaning chemicals often do more harm than good to your drainage system if you have a clog. These products work by literally eating away at the clog within your system using caustic and extremely dangerous chemicals. They can be effective, but use them sparingly.
  • Bio-Clean Drain Treatment: We recommend the use of Bio-Clean drain treatment on a monthly basis. This product is a natural drain cleaning powder that uses live bacteria to clean the waste from your drain system. It poses no risks to the material of your pipes and can keep your drains clean for years to come.

Contact Central Plumbing today to get in touch with a New Hope plumber who can clean your drains in no time!

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