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Importance of a Furnace Maintenance Tune-Up in Bucks County

It’s tune-up time in Bucks County, Pennsylvania! Right now, Central Heating is offering dollars off all heating service, so it’s the perfect time to check if you need a repair. But that’s not the only reason to order furnace maintenance from Central this month: furnace manufacturers recommend that you have their products serviced once every year, so if you haven’t you could be at risk of voiding your warranty. Worse, you could have an undetected problem that could cause you to lose heat in the dead of the Bucks County winter! So don’t risk the pain — call to schedule your furnace tune-up today.

What happens during a furnace maintenance tune-up from a Central Heating professional? Our check-ups include all of the following:

  • Safety Control Adjustments – What device lets your furnace igniter know that it’s time to stop igniting? What is stopping your furnace from producing harmful gas byproducts? Our professionals perform entire safety checks on your device.
  • Pilot-Light Check – If your pilot light is burning yellow or orange, that means it isn’t working properly. There could be soot or contaminants interrupting the gas flow and throwing off the purity of the flame. For better efficiency and better safety, you need a professional to make sure your pilot flame is burning right.
  • Oiling All Moving Parts – Like any complicated piece of machinery, a furnace needs to have its moving parts properly lubricated and cleared of dirt and rust. This is critical to have done every year, otherwise your heating bill will be too him.
  • Thermostat Check– Your thermostat controls the temperatures that your furnace reaches and pre-sets, so it’s extremely important that you have a heating expert take a look at it to be sure it’s set properly. Central can recommend and install higher efficiency thermostats to improve your home’s temperature control and make your life more convenient.
  • Complete Test of System – Your Central Heating tune-up isn’t finished until we’ve run a complete test of your system to make sure it works properly! We run the entire system so we see everything in action.

Call Central Heating for your furnace tune-up today!

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