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Look Out for These Warning Signs You Need Gas Line Repair in Southampton, PA!

Gas supplies our homes and businesses in many ways. It helps keep us warm, feed our families and power many pieces of equipment and power tools. The gas line that supplies your home or business is a vital part of its safety and functionality. Any malfunction can create a serious and scary emergency that requires immediate action. Gas line repair in Southampton, PA can be fast, easy and affordable when you call Central Plumbing. Let us share a few things that can tip you off and let you know when to call for repair.

  • Strong Odors: Your nose is the most common way most people know they need repair. A strong odor similar to sulfur or rotten eggs is a clear sign that something isn’t right. Gas in its natural state is odorless. A gas leak is so dangerous that the odor most commonly associated with a leak is intentionally added to natural gas specifically to alert you to the problem.
  • Strange Noises: Your ears can alert you to a problem as well, especially when it involves any noises coming from the area of the gas line. If you hear, but can’t identify or locate a leak, call us right away. A hissing sound from your appliances can be a dead giveaway that gas is leaking from your pipes or fittings.
  • Visible Cracks: Your eyes can tip you off as well. Visible cracks in fittings and connections, brown, withering grass, bubbling water when you water your lawn, corrosion – these are all visual cues that you may be experiencing a gas leak. Learning to rely on your senses can hold you in good stead and help you notice many warning signs of a gas leak or potential leak.

Call us today for gas line repair in Southampton, PA. The friendly, reliable professionals at Central Plumbing are happy to provide you with service when you need it. We’re just as happy to help you maintain your unit and avoid costly repairs. We’re proud to educate and inform our customers and potential customers.

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