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Furnace Igniter Replacement in Bucks County

Here at Central Heating we think you should have access to the information that could save your time and money on the price of maintaining comfort in your home. But some heating contractors don’t feel the same way! That’s why, when you call for service on your furnace, make sure that you have all of the facts before you let them talk you into installing a completely new furnace. It could be that all you need is a furnace igniter replacement. That’s a significantly cheaper process, and it will have you up and running even quicker!

What is a furnace igniter?

The furnace igniter is the part in your furnace that automatically lights the gas for the pilot light or main burners. Whenever you turn your furnace on via the thermostat, your furnace igniter should light the flame. There are two ways that it does this:

Spark Ignition

In this system, the igniter is a small metal nub that receives an electrical jolt when the heat is turned on, causing a spark that ignites the cas. Then the electrical circuit turns off, since the flame should already be lit. Spark ignition pieces are surrounded by ceramic insulation for safety purposes, otherwise the spark might cause something other than the gas burner to light.

Hot Surface Ingnition

Nowadays, these burners are more common, since they match the higher efficiency of newer furnaces. In this format, the igniter is made of ceramic that the thermostat sends power to in order to heat it up. Once the igniter is glowing brightly, the gas it turned on and lit. The heat is sensed by the flame sensor, causing the furnace control to shut off the power to the igniter.

Why do you need furnace igniter replacement?

Both of the furnace igniter systems are fairly straightforward, but there are still plenty of things that can go wrong. Your furnace will require a furnace igniter replacement if any of the following should occur:

  • Cracks on ceramic insulator
  • Build-up of Deposits on Igniter
  • Split/cracked ignitor
  • Poor wiring of spark ignitor.

Never fear: Central Heating can solve any of these issues with affordable and effective furnace igniter replacement. So call the Bucks County experts for furnace igniter replacement today!

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