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Eliminate Hard Water Now with Water Softening in Newtown, PA!

Did you know the hardness levels in Pennsylvania water can cause scaly building up in your plumbing and appliances? Water softening in Newtown, PA is an important part of maintaining the health of your home and family.

What homeowners find distasteful about hard water is that it creates mineral deposits that lead to build up inside your plumbing. It affects things like the efficiency of your dishwasher, the cleanliness of your clothing and the drinkability of your tap water.

Finding the right sized water softener for your home is key. On average, most people use between 70 and 100 gallons of water each day. Be sure to choose a softener that offers maximum effectiveness for your family’s usage.

Water Softeners work by removing harmful minerals. They don’t, however, remove the necessary minerals and nutrients we all need for optimal health and beautiful, healthy skin. How do you know if you need this added appliance? If the water coming from your taps is yellow, rusty or brown, it could be indicative of too much ferrous iron. This type of iron can cause reddish-brown staining in your commodes and sinks. If you notice this tell-tale sign of hard water, give us a call immediately.

Soap scum and limescale are caused in large part by hard water deposits. The easiest way to avoid soap scum and limescale buildup is to soften the water in your home with one of our affordable, beneficial home water softeners. Water softeners do not create soap scum or limescale because they remove the minerals responsible for them.

Now that you know how to prevent mineral deposits, unsightly staining, soap scum and limescale, call Central Plumbing today. We have the skill, expertise and specialized equipment necessary to provide water softening in Newtown, PA and help improve the condition of the water your family cooks with, consumes and bathes in.

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