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Bucks County Heating Service: How Can You Save Energy This Fall?

The fall can bring with it a shiver up your spine due to a sudden drop in temperatures, which is why you should make Bucks County heating service atop your list of priorities. Whether your furnace is on the fritz or your water heater isn’t producing hot water, you should make a point to call for professional to get everything fixed or else be prepared to endure a long fall filled with plenty of cold nights!

Central Plumbing is the place to call if you want Bucks County heating service that will provide you with unlimited heat this fall. Our technicians provide the most comprehensive heating service in Bucks County to keep the whole family warm even when the wind outside starts howling. It’s important to conserve energy to keep the heat flowing and energy costs down, so let Central Plumbing share some advice!

How Can You Save Energy with Bucks County Heating Service?

Saving energy is important to keep you and your entire family warm. Here’s what you can do to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Bucks County heating service:

  1. Minimize Use of Fireplaces:  Fall in Bucks County means you can start relaxing by the fireplace again, but it’s better to save it for special occasions. Traditional fireplaces are actually an energy waster because they can pull heated air out of your home.  Avoid using it daily to keep energy costs low.
  2. Shorten Showers: Hot water is valuable during the colder months, so it’s best not to waste it and save hundreds of gallons of water. Warm showers when the weather is cold may be comforting, but try keeping showers to a maximum of five minutes.
  3. Improve Ceiling Insulation: If you don’t think your home is insulated enough for the colder months, add even more insulation to your ceiling. Homes without proper insulation can actually make the cost of heating rise by almost 25% so make sure you cover all areas of your home.
  4. Look Out for Air Ducts: Leaks in your ductwork can form, leading to the costs of heating in your home to raise dramatically. You may find air leaks in cupboards, closet spaces, and ceilings. Seal them up with mastic tape or weather stripping before it’s too late!
  5. Use the Sunshine:  Sometimes, all it takes to save energy is by opening up the curtains to allow the sunshine come in. The fall may get dark and stormy, but the sun will let in free heat that you’d otherwise have to rely on from furnaces and fireplaces. You can’t go wrong with heat that’s energy efficient and free of charge!

Contact Central Plumbing today for Bucks County heating service and save energy by following these 5 tips!

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