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Boilers vs. Furnaces — Heating System Installation in Southampton

A brief science lesson from the HVAC experts at Central Plumbing, Heating, & Air!

There are two main methods of heat transfer (i.e. moving thermal energy from a source to a space): radiant and convection. The convection process involves blowing air across a heat source and then distributing that heat throughout the room — in other words, the heat “conductor” is the air itself. Alternatively, radiant heat uses surfaces as the conductor. Surrounding objects are warmed by a fuel-burning heat source, sort of how you feel warmer when you’re sitting beside a fire.

Now that you now the two different forms of heat transfer, what difference does it make for your home? Well, these two separate types of heat transfer apply directly to your home’s heating system, which has been responsible for keeping you comfortable through this bitter cold Southampton winter!

Which Method Does Your Heating System Use?

If you own a forced-air furnace, which heats spaces by pushing warm air through the ventilation into separate rooms, that’s convection heat transfer. If you own a boiler that keeps you warm with radiators and baseboards, that’s radiant heating. So what’s the difference?

Each system has a number of different advantages.  For instance, convection heat is:

  • Safer for Children
  • More Affordable
  • Easier to Install

Whereas radiant heat is:

  • Quieter
  • Better in Older Homes
  • More Efficient

Let’s consider the quality of the heating performance above all else: which system keeps you warmer? The answer is radiant heating, hands down. Why?

Because hot air rises.

A forced air furnace will continue to deliver heat until it determines that a room has been properly heated. But you may never feel that heat if your room has poor insulation or a high ceiling! The heat will rise to the top of the room, above your head, or be sucked away through windows, doors, and other weaknesses in the room.  Although the thermostat will determine that the proper level of heating has been reached, the reality will be that the air in your home still feels chilly because it can’t be properly controlled.

So if you have an older home and are looking for a heating system replacement, consider radiant heating. A boiler installation could eliminate your problems with drafty heating for good! Call Central Plumbing & Heating today!


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