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Why You Should Replace Bathroom Fixtures in Southampton, PA

Need to spruce up your bathroom? Completing a remodeling project? There are many reasons to replace your bathroom fixtures in Southampton, PA. Modern amenities and aesthetics aside, let’s look at some of the ways replacing those fixtures can help you save cold, hard cash.

Energy Use
Modern bathroom fixtures have money-saving efficiency features built right in, such as water capacity and electrical output. Today’s energy efficiency standards mean that most products use less water or electricity to function without compromising performance.

Water Use
Increased water capacity and less water or electricity per use equals smaller utility bills each month. Low flush toilets and carefully calibrated sinks, tubs and showers require less water per use. Not only is this good for your pocket, it’s good for our environment.

Ease of Use
Is your toilet handle loose and jiggly? Do you have to hold the handle down to accomplish a complete flush? Is your toilet constantly running?

Is your sink dripping or leaking? Is the porcelain cracked? Is the water from your faucet rusty? Are the faucet handles weak or simply outdated?

Does your shower leave you standing in a shallow pool of water? Does it take a long time for your tub to fully drain? Is your tub pitted or unusually slick and slippery on its bottom?

Have you recently purchased or inherited a new-to-you home? You may want to simply update older fittings or bring your own sense of taste, style and functionality to your bathrooms. If you’re experiencing any of these situations, it’s time to consider replacing your bathroom fixtures in Southampton, PA.

Call the dependable, professionals at Central Plumbing. We’ll help you update your plumbing and fixtures to create a bathroom that meets your needs and enhances the comfort and enjoyment of your family while heightening the beauty and value of your home.

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