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Ask Our Water Heater Services in Southampton PA: When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

Let’s face it. Water heaters don’t last forever. They run for a few years with no problems, but start to break down and you’re eventually faced with the dilemma of fixing or replacing one. The trick is to know when it’s time for replacement. Keeping your water heater for longer than its service life will lead to bigger expenses and possibly damaging leaks.

Fortunately, water heater services in Southampton will uncover the secrets of how your system is doing. We’re also providing you with insight here that may indicate it’s time for a new heater. Some signs you can see immediately. Here are some clues your water heater is due for replacement.

  • Age: Age is the first indicator and the one you should first consider. Electric water heaters may last as long as 10 years while an eight-year-old gas heater is considered a good stretch. As your system nears the end of its service life, it is important to check for problems that lie with the heater itself and not the electrical system. If the water heater shows signs of failure, it might be wiser to replace it than to spend more on parts and service.
  • Water isn’t draining: Sediment tends to build up inside water heaters over time. You can mitigate this with annual flushing, but skipping this step will cause the sediment to accumulate to levels that can’t be corrected. If that’s the case water won’t pass through the drain valve and the unit will have to be replaced.
  • Rust/Corrosion is present: You can check for rust and corrosion in the tank, by the temperature and pressure relief valve, inlet/outlet connectors, and in the water. If water has a rusty color, the tank could be affected. Unfortunately, you can’t fix this problem in a water heater; the appliance needs to be replaced.
  • Water does not heat up: If you run the hot water, but it’s lukewarm at best, or even cold, then the water heater is most likely to blame. Check the unit for additional issues such as rust or drainage issues. If your unit has these and has been installed more than a decade ago, it should be replaced.
  • Water is leaking: A leaking water tank is rarely worth fixing, if it can be at all. Internal issues are best dealt with by replacing the water heater. A professional should be called in if there is a leak and you should plan on replacement.

Any of these signs will help determine it’s time for a new unit. Water heater services in Southampton such as Central Plumbing are here to help. Call us today if you think your water heater is not working properly and a replacement may be the only answer.

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