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3 Factors You Must Consider Before Air Conditioner Installation in Newtown, PA

Is the summer heat getting to you this season? Are you tired of living in sweaty and muggy conditions? If so, the conclusion would be it’s time to install an air conditioner in your home. Understanding what you need in that installation, however, is the first step. Before you go through with air conditioner installation in Newtown, PA, make sure to read the three factors our professionals at Central Plumbing think you need to consider.

  1. Size: Not all air conditioning units are built equal; there are a host of different sizes for different sized homes. In the case of home air conditioning installation, more is not always better. In order to provide comfort in your home with the lowest possible energy usage from the unit, knowing the square footage of the area you want to keep cool and applying that the size of the AC unit you purchase is a critical step. Buying too large will waste energy and money, and buying too small won’t keep your home comfortable. Finding the sizing balance is key.
  1. Condenser Placement: The heart of your air conditioning unit is the condenser, which is the part of the unit that converts warm air into cool comfort. Placement of this condenser may not seem like a big deal, but needs to factor into your air conditioner installation. Depending on the size of your unit, the condenser could be quite a large piece of equipment. Having the space to install that properly is important. Additionally, placing the condenser in the cool shade will help increase efficiency and lower the chance of failure due to overheating in the summer.
  1. Additional Add-ons: Like any appliance, your air conditioning unit can come with a host of additional features to improve efficiency and ease of use. A few examples of these could be the addition of a heat pump to utilize the system as both an AC and heating unit, or a zone control system to better control air temperature throughout the house. Knowing which add-ons you do or don’t want will help you install the perfect system for your home without unnecessary extra charges.

If the hot air is getting you down this summer, then a new AC unit should be your home’s next big purchase. For proper air conditioner installation in Newtown, PA, call your local AC experts at Central Plumbing.

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