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AC Maintenance in Newtown – 3 Tips For Summer

Summer is just around the corner! The high temperatures and humidity will be here before you know it. Have you started to plan for the summer heat? A well-maintained air conditioner is your best defense throughout the blistering summer months. It’s also the best way to prevent any last minute emergencies. You certainly don’t want to be left without cool air during a heat wave! If you’re ready for AC maintenance in Newtown, call your local experts at Central Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning! Don’t let your home become a sauna this summer! Central has everything you need to create the comfortable atmosphere you and your family deserve!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • You should have your air conditioner or cooling system serviced annually. This is beneficial for several reasons. For one, it helps maintain the equipment or device you’re using. Overtime, dust and debris collect inside your system. This can cause your system to act sluggish, and be less effective. This could cost you a ton in energy bills because your device has to run longer and more frequently to produce the same amount of output.
  • AC maintenance is also important for the system’s longevity. A device that is maintained regularly can last up to twice as long as a system that isn’t. This also saves you money, time, and stress! Keep your system properly maintained to prevent breakdowns and premature failures. Your home and wallet will appreciate it!
  • Routine servicing to your air conditioner is also essential to you and your family’s health. The pollutants that collect inside your device or cooling system will be re-circulated into the air if it’s not cleaned and the filters aren’t replaced. Polluted air can lead to several respiratory complications. Protect everyone who enters your home or business by having your AC serviced!

For all of your air conditioning or cooling system needs, call the professionals you can count on at Central Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning! Don’t wait until the next heat wave to protect your home. Call CMC Services today!


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