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5 Signs You Need AC Repair in Southampton

The areas in and around Southampton offer many outdoor activities, such as fishing in the Delaware River or biking at Bucks County Parks. So if you or your family like to partake in any summertime activities like this, eventually you’ll want to return to a nice and cool home – provided, of course, that your air conditioning system is ready to handle it.

Central Cooling has you covered for any type of AC repair your Southampton home needs. Our expertise in air conditioning knowledge is top notch. We’re ready to work on any emergency AC repair situation as well as preventive procedures that will help you eliminate surprise breakdowns in the future.

To give you a heads up that your AC system is screaming out for help, you’ll want to watch for these 5 warning signs:

  1. Too Much Moisture. This could mean a couple things. Your AC unit either has a drain tube malfunctioning or it’s leaking refrigerant. The latter of which creates a serious health risk to your family. Call our AC repair experts right away to fix either issue.
  2. Weird Noises from Your AC. Your AC unit shouldn’t be making any grinding or squealing noises so pay attention if it is. This could be mean a belt is out of whack or a piece of metal needs lubing. Either way, get it fixed before the problem becomes more costly.
  3. Terrible Smells are Coming from your AC. This usually signifies that the wire insulation is burnt or mold is beginning to develop. Either way, don’t hesitate to address this situation and give us a call.
  4. Insufficient Airflow. Examine your vents, as your compressor might be malfunctioning. If your house is cooling down unevenly, it may mean a problem with the ductwork, in which case you need to get it cleared of any obstructions right away or risk more costly issues down the line.
  5. A Difficult Thermostat. Sometimes the problem isn’t with the AC unit itself, but with the thermostat that controls it. A sign of this is if the temperature varies drastically from room to room.

Connect with our AC specialists today and give Central Cooling a call for any of your AC repair needs in Southampton!

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