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5 Common Signs You Need Toilet Repair in Newtown, PA

Toilet repair in Newtown, PA is made easy thanks to Central Plumbing. After all, your toilet is probably the most essential plumbing fixture in your home. Would you seriously just wait to have it repaired? Of course not, and the team at Central Plumbing  understand your need for a working toilet better than anyone. We have a wide range of repair options aimed at meeting any of your needs so your toilet is ensured to work better than ever.

But when should you call for service? How do you know when the time is right for repair? A part of getting quick service is quickly identifying the signs that something is wrong with your toilet, and our team is here to help you point them out. There is a lot that can go wrong with your toilet, so you need to be on the lookout when you suspect your toilet may be on the verge of collapse!

When Should You Call Us for Toilet Repair in Newtown, PA?

The next time you think the time for toilet repair may be imminent, please observe these 5 common signs:

  1. Slower Flushes or No Flushes: Your toilet’s lack of flushing abilities is usually due to sediment clogging the siphon jet or the holes under the rim of the bowl. The team at Central Plumbing can clean it thoroughly with a brush and bleach.
  2. Hissing Sounds Inside The Tank: Hissing noises or the sound of running water inside the tank indicate a stuck float, a broken ballcock, or a refill tube that reaches too far into the overflow line. Our plumbers can unstick the float, adjust the refill tube, or replace the ballcock in its entirety.
  3. A Leaking Base: A leaking toilet can be caused by worn seals, a cracked bowl or tank, or a leaking supply line. If you can’t see any cracks, the team at Central Plumbing can try tightening the bolts on the seals. If that fails, we can also replace the seals to ensure the problem is eliminated.
  4. Phantom Flushing: If your toilet is randomly refilling itself seemingly out of nowhere, it is what is known as a phantom flush. This is usually due to a faulty flapper seat, which can be fixed by simply draining the toilet bowl and cleaning or replacing the flapper seat.
  5. Constant Clogs: One clog may be fixed by the use of a plunger, but it can be frustrating having to deal with toilet clogs constantly. Please have a professional at Central Plumbing inspect your toilet to determine the root of what is causing clogs to occur so frequently.

If you are noticing any of these signs, please call Central Plumbing for high-quality toilet repair in Newtown, PA!

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