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5 Causes of Drain Clogs in Bucks County


You stare at the kitchen sink as water backs up filled with the remnants of dinner. The garbage disposal isn’t working and the water takes a long time to drain leaving a nasty reminder that your drains are troubled.

Drain issues are quite the headache for any homeowner. Even if the problem lies just below the drain this means blindly feeling around with a coat hanger or drain snake. For issues farther down the line this means having a plumbing expert out to your home to remedy the situation. But why does your line clog in the first place?

Common Causes of Drain Clogs

Tree Root Intrusion – This might seem hard to fathom but its true. Those beautiful trees in your yard have an extensive root system and don’t need much to invade your sewer line in search of nutrients.

Hair and Grease – Common for bathroom and kitchen sinks, the goopy combo can wreak havoc preventing any water from passing. It’s important to run grease through the disposal using cold water.

Toys – Yes, toys. Children have a knack for lodging their toys just about anywhere, including toilets. We have rescued many dolls from the depths of sewer lines.

Heavy Rains or Storms – Outside drains may become blocked after storms or heavy downpours and collect leaves, dirt, and other debris that builds up and clogs important drains. This can lead to flooding and property damage.

Broken Pipes – Another cause of drain clogs could be a broken pipe. If a pipe is broken, the water cannot flow freely and it may collapse, causing the drain to clog. The most common causes of broken pipes are poor installation, corrosion due to age, and tree roots.

Whatever the cause of that pesky clog or clogs, our expert team of certified plumbing technicians is ready for the work. Available for any emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we are there for you no matter how bad it might seem. Contact Central Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!


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