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3 Common Types of Air Conditioner Repair in Newtown, PA

Air conditioners are prone to mechanical issues. There’s no way around it. Fortunately, most of them eventually have similar problems that professional technicians know how to fix thanks to air conditioner repair in Newtown, PA. Routine maintenance such as filter changes can be done by anybody. You’ll need assistance if any of these three problems crop up.

  1. Refrigerant starts to leak. This is bad for your health and the environment. A common problem, it can be hard to find even if you see fluid coming from the unit. Once the refrigerant level gets low enough, it can cause serious damage to major components. This, of course, leads to expensive repairs. You’ll be lucky if you don’t have to replace the entire air conditioner. Once the leak is found, a contractor can make the appropriate repairs and your AC will be in top shape once again.
  2. Compressor failures. The compressor is a complex part that pressurizes the refrigerant, releasing heat. It has a motor, electronic parts, and wiring and if something goes wrong with any of these the unit will not work. There are many reasons you can have a compressor problem. Only let a certified professional look at it. Refrigerant passes through here and you should never handle this if inexperienced.
  3. Fan failures. Any type of fan will go eventually. That’s the name of the game. Problems can crop up with the evaporator fan or the condenser fan. These are responsible for moving air around. Problems with motors, belts, and blades can and will stop the system from doing this effectively, or at all. A fan can be fixed. The results in the interim are sure noisy, annoying, and prohibitive of getting any comfortable air in.

The three common air conditioning problems here can happen gradually or suddenly. It’s always an annoyance for sure. They do warrant the need for air conditioner repair in Newtown, PA and Central Plumbing provides the expertise and loyalty to fix any problem with customers’ air conditioners. Call us today if a leak, fan, or compressor problem is happening. You’ll be better off after the professional job is done.

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